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You’re gay and you’re mad?

So some states are passing, “religious freedoms” bills designed to allow bible thumpers the right to deny some services to you and this has you all up in arms, right?  Well, stop being an asshole and accept the fact that you don’t have the right to force others to serve you.  Even more mad now, are you?  Well, read on.


First, some background info on me; I’m straight and an Atheist.  I don’t care if you like men, women or Chihuahuas.  I’ll serve a person if they’re wearing a cross, a rainbow shit or a <insert politician I hate> button as long as your money is green.


I’m in business to make money and I don’t give a fuck about your personal beliefs or lifestyle when it comes to you handing me money.  Now obviously, the people who wanted these laws passed don’t feel the same way as me but why do you think they should be required to take your money?  Do you think if they’re forced to accept you that we’ll all start holding hands and singing Kumbaya together?  Not likely.


Think it’s an injustice? It’s not; it’s allowing people to be themselves.  Your desire to force them to serve you is akin to someone forcing you to do something you’re against.  Look, you want to be mad, great, but stop trying to fight this with anything other than your wallet.  Don’t patronize the places that don’t want to serve you; they don’t get your money and you don’t have to deal with them.  Also, if they don’t have to serve you because of their beliefs, that means you don’t have to serve them if you don’t like their beliefs.  You’re gay and you have a private business?  Don’t serve Christians….or Trump supporters.

I served for this??

I tend to stay out of political discussions as I find it to be a waste of time.  In many ways, it’s like religion; beliefs with no basis in fact, and the person you’re discussing it with will only dig their heels in further when you try to change their mind.  I don’t have time for that…most of the time.


Recently, I was configuring my tablet to work with our DirecTV and once I got it working, I started exploring.  One of the channels I switched it to was CNN and the Republican debate was on.  I wasn’t planning on watching any of it, but ended up watching about 30 minutes because it was like a gruesome car wreck; I couldn’t look away  They weren’t debating the issues and they weren’t outlining any sort of plan they had if they were to get elected.  No, none of the things you would hope that they would be talking about.  Basically, they were comparing their dicks and arguing who had the biggest one.  Not literally, mind you, but that’s what it was.  If I closed my eyes, I might have believed that I had tuned in, “professional wrestling”.  All that was missing was someone getting hit in the face by a metal folding chair.


Our Presidential election has turned into a reality show.  I know some people would like to blame Obama for that and some of the blame is his, I guess.  I mean, I don’t remember any President doing the talk show circuit before him, not even Bubba.  Every single person running for the Democrat or Republican nomination right now has to take some of the blame, as well as the media for promoting this shit.  However, the bulk of the blame goes on the American people who all but demanded this.  No longer are the issues important; in fact, they’re down right boring to us.  We have to be shocked.  We have to be amazed.  We don’t need to educate ourselves about the candidates as long as they entertain us.


So, I ask you, I served for this?


I’m not one of those guys who needs, or even wants your thanks for my service because quite honestly, I didn’t do it for you.  I don’t talk about it often, not because I’m not proud of my service, but because of all the, what feels like, false appreciation that comes my way.  No, I’m not telling you that I served to somehow make you think that you need to believe me, or that I have some special insight into anything.  I’m telling you this because I did my duty and now I feel like it was a waste of time.  I continue to do my duty by trying to look beyond the theatrics and vote for the person who I believe will serve me best.  I don’t expect, or even want everyone to serve in the military, but I do expect you to do your duty.  I expect you to not be a sheep.  I expect you to see what is going on behind the curtain.  I don’t care if you vote for a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or Punxsutawney Phil.  I do care if you’re sole reason for voting for that person is because that’s what everyone else is doing, or even worse, so some other guy (or gal) won’t get elected.


Many of you are thinking right now, “Well duh, that’s what we’re doing.  We’re going to vote for the person who will best represent us.”  Well, you’re a fucking moron, because only a moron would believe that any of these circus clowns that the Democrats and Republicans are trying to shove down our throats are there to represent you.


America, you’re going to get what you deserve, and I regret putting on a pair of boots for you.